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Anderson deflects from fundraising report with “shameless” puppy campaign ad

BATON ROUGE, La. – In an unprecedented display of fundraising modesty, Quentin Anthony Anderson revealed that when his campaign files its first quarter fundraising report, it will be a fundraising total that will turn heads — primarily due to its astonishingly minimalistic approach. Garnering “between $3,000 – $5,000” from less than 10 equally astonished donors, according to Anderson, the campaign has boldly redefined what it means to start from the ground up.

“Only the press, the political elite, and anyone who we need to pay to get our message out there cares about fundraising numbers” said Anderson wryly “So, instead of lamenting about it, we’re gonna release an ad with a puppy in it.”

Embracing a strategy that can only be described as blatant deflection, his campaign refused to acknowledge the ominous nature of his quarterly fundraising haul and instead released a new campaign ad featuring Anderson’s nearly 3-year old Beagle mix, Geronimo Lewis.

Geronimo Lewis, a rescue by way of Houma in the wake of Hurricane Ida and unaffiliated with any recognized political party, features prominently in the 60 second video, offering both undeniable cuteness and zero substance when it comes to issues like mass incarceration or securing more federal grants for the district.

While critics may justifiably want to focus on Anderson’s paltry fundraising numbers, the Anderson campaign argues that puppies remain universally loved and adored, therefore negating much of the negative impact of his campaign’s otherwise amateurish fundraising totals.

The ad, produced by the Shreveport-based Young Professionals Entertainment, can be viewed here.

For Immediate Release - Anderson Deflects WIth Puppy Ad