Anderson Statement on Attempted Assassination of Former President Trump in Pennsylvania

Official statement from Quentin Anthony Anderson:

Violence has absolutely no place in our politics. It is a fundamental tenet of our democracy that we resolve our differences through dialogue and at the ballot box. I unequivocally and forcefully condemn the attempted assassination of Donald Trump in Pennsylvania.

This heinous act is an affront to the principles upon which our nation was built. It undermines the very foundation of our political system and threatens the safety and security of our society. Such actions are not only illegal and immoral but also deeply un-American. They have no place in the United States, a country that prides itself on the peaceful transfer of power and the rule of law.

I commend the valor and bravery of the Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies who acted swiftly and decisively to prevent what could have been a tragic event. Their dedication and professionalism in protecting public officials and maintaining the security of our nation are truly commendable.

This goes beyond liberal versus conservative; it strikes at the heart of who we are as Americans. This kind of violence is more commonly seen in countries struggling with political instability and tyranny. We must not allow such a dangerous precedent to take root in our own political discourse.

My prayers are with our country during this troubling time. Let us remember that our strength lies in our unity and our commitment to resolving our differences peacefully and democratically. Together, we can uphold the values that make our nation great and ensure that such acts of violence are condemned and prevented.

Quentin Anderson Endorsed by Center for Freethought Equality

This week, the Center for Freethought Equality’s Political Action Committee announced its endorsement of Quentin Anthony Anderson, Democratic candidate for Congress in Louisiana’s 6th congressional district. This endorsement highlights Anderson’s commitment to religious freedom, protecting civil liberties, and advancing progressive policies.

The Center for Freethought Equality is the advocacy and political arm of the American Humanist Association. It advocates for issues important to the humanist and atheist community, such as the separation of church and state, protecting civil liberties, and promoting progressive values. Through its affiliated political action committee, the Center for Freethought Equality works to increase the number of openly humanist and atheist individuals in public office at all levels of government.

“I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of the Center for Freethought Equality,” said Anderson. “Even as a person of faith, I obviously believe in the fundamental principles of religious freedom and the separation of church and state. It is essential that we protect the civil liberties of all Americans and advance progressive policies that ensure equality and justice for everyone. This endorsement underscores our shared commitment to these values.”

“The Center for Freethought Equality PAC is very pleased to endorse Quentin Anderson’s campaign to unseat Republican Congressman Garret Graves,” said Ron Millar, Political & PAC Manager for the Center for Freethought Equality. “The humanist and atheist community, working in tandem with our religious allies like Mr. Anderson, will stop the un-American and dangerous anti-democratic, bigoted, anti-science, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and homophobic crusade of white Christian nationalism.”

You can learn more about the Center for Freethought Equality at their website here:

Quentin Anderson Awarded 2024 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction

Baton Rouge, La. – Quentin Anthony Anderson, candidate for Congress in Louisiana’s newly drawn 6th District, is proud to announce that his campaign has been awarded the 2024 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction. This honor reflects Anderson’s unwavering commitment to advocating for gun violence prevention and ensuring that gun safety is a priority in his legislative agenda.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a grassroots movement fighting for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence, awards the Gun Sense Candidate distinction to candidates who have demonstrated their commitment to common-sense gun safety. This distinction serves as a signal to supporters, volunteers, and voters across the country that a candidate will govern with gun safety in mind.

“We are thrilled to receive the 2024 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction,” said Anderson. “This recognition underscores our campaign’s dedication to advocating for common-sense gun laws that protect our families and communities. Together, we can work towards a safer future for all Louisianans.”

Note: It is important to note that the Gun Sense Candidate distinction is not an endorsement from Moms Demand Action or Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund. Instead, it signifies our advocacy for gun violence prevention and our commitment to governing with gun safety in mind.

NOW PAC Endorses Quentin Anthony Anderson for Congress

The National Organization for Women Political Action Committee (NOW PAC) has officially endorsed Quentin Anthony Anderson in his bid for Congress in Louisiana’s newly drawn 6th District. This significant endorsement highlights Anderson’s unwavering commitment to gender equality, reproductive rights, and social justice.

“I am thrilled to receive the endorsement of NOW PAC,” said Anderson. “This endorsement underscores our shared commitment to advancing women’s rights, economic justice, and equality. Together, we will fight to ensure that every person, regardless of gender, has the opportunity to thrive.”

NOW PAC Chairwoman Christian Nunes (left) & Democratic congressional candidate Quentin Anthony Anderson (right) in New Orleans, Louisiana on July 3, 2024

“Quentin’s advocacy for equality, economic justice, and choice is exactly what Louisiana needs at this time,” said NOW PAC Chairwoman Christian F. Nunes. “We cannot continue going backwards and Quentin Anderson is committed to fighting for a safe future for women.”

NOW PAC’s endorsement is a testament to Anderson’s dedication to the following key issues:

  • Reproductive Rights and Justice: Anderson has been a vocal advocate for protecting access to safe and legal abortion, contraception, and comprehensive healthcare. His stance aligns with NOW’s mission to safeguard reproductive freedoms and ensure equity in healthcare.
  • Economic Justice: Anderson supports the Paycheck Fairness Act and raising the federal minimum wage to a living wage. He advocates for policies that provide paid family leave and affordable childcare, which are crucial for achieving economic stability for women and families.
  • Ending Violence Against Women: Anderson is committed to strengthening the Violence Against Women Act and ensuring that survivors have access to comprehensive support services, including safe housing, legal assistance, and mental health care.
  • Racial Justice: Anderson’s campaign is dedicated to dismantling systemic racism and promoting policies that address racial disparities in education, healthcare, and economic opportunity. He emphasizes the importance of criminal justice reform and equitable access to resources for communities of color.
  • LGBTQIA+ Rights: Anderson advocates for the Equality Act and inclusive policies that protect LGBTQIA+ individuals from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations. He supports efforts to address health disparities and promote affirming healthcare services for the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Constitutional Equality: Anderson strongly supports the Equal Rights Amendment, which aims to enshrine gender equality in the Constitution, ensuring that all individuals have equal protection under the law.
  • Centering Women in Political and Policy Conversations: Anderson is committed to elevating women’s voices in political and policy discussions, ensuring that their perspectives and experiences inform decision-making processes.
  • Intersectional Feminism: Anderson conducts his political work through an intersectional feminist lens, recognizing that the experiences of women are diverse and interconnected with other identities such as race, sexuality, and economic status.

This endorsement from NOW PAC reflects the growing momentum and support for Anderson’s campaign. As he continues to advocate for bold change and fresh leadership, Anderson remains focused on delivering results for the people of Louisiana.

For Immediate Release - NOW PAC Endorses Anderson

Anderson Official Statement on Trump SCOTUS Decision

Today, our democracy faces a grave threat from the recent Supreme Court ruling that dangerously expands presidential immunity. This decision grants former presidents an unprecedented shield from criminal prosecution for actions taken during their tenure, effectively placing them above the law. This is not just a legal precedent; it is a perilous shift that undermines the very foundation of our constitutional democracy. When the highest office in the land is immune from accountability, we risk sliding into autocracy.

The implications of this ruling are stark and alarming. It sets a dangerous precedent that could embolden future presidents to act with impunity, knowing they are protected from the consequences of their actions. This is not the vision our Founding Fathers had for this nation. They envisaged a republic where no one, not even the President, is above the law.

As we stand on the brink of potentially facing a second Trump term, the urgency to elect bold, courageous leaders has never been greater. The Trump/MAGA agenda thrives on weakening the rule of law and eroding democratic norms. We cannot afford to have corruptible politicians who will be easy pickings in such a political environment.

This ruling underscores the need for leaders who will fight tirelessly to uphold justice, integrity, and the rule of law. Leaders who will resist the corrosive influence of authoritarianism and stand firm against any attempt to undermine our democratic institutions.

Electing bold, courageous leaders is not just about policy; it is about preserving the soul of our nation. It is about ensuring that our government remains of the people, by the people, and for the people. We must reject those who seek power for personal gain and instead choose those who are committed to serving with honor, transparency, and accountability.

Our democracy depends on it. Our future depends on it. That’s why this November, we must elect leaders who will protect the rule of law and safeguard the principles of our great nation.

You can read the full decision and our breakdown of the case here.

For Immediate Release - Anderson Trump SCOTUS Statement

Trump v. United States: What the SCOTUS ruling means

The Supreme Court’s decision in “Trump v. United States” revolves around the question of presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for actions taken while in office. Here’s a detailed analysis of the decision:

  1. Nature of the Case:
    • Former President Donald J. Trump was indicted on four counts related to actions taken during his presidency following the November 2020 election.
    • The indictment alleged that Trump conspired to overturn the election results by spreading false claims of election fraud and obstructing the certification of the election.

Key Points of the Decision

  1. Presidential Immunity:
    • The Supreme Court examined the extent to which a former President is immune from criminal prosecution for actions taken within the scope of official responsibilities.
    • The Court held that a former President is entitled to absolute immunity from criminal prosecution for actions within his “conclusive and preclusive” constitutional authority. This includes core presidential powers that cannot be overridden by Congress or subjected to judicial scrutiny.
    • In other words: The Court decided that a former President cannot be prosecuted for actions that are part of their essential presidential duties. 
  2. Separation of Powers:
    • The decision emphasized the constitutional principle of separation of powers, asserting that criminally prosecuting a President for official acts poses a significant threat to the functioning of the Executive Branch.
    • The Court recognized that while there is a compelling public interest in law enforcement, this must be balanced against the need to preserve the President’s ability to perform his duties without undue caution.
    • In other words: The Court stressed that prosecuting a President for official actions could disrupt how the Executive Branch works. 
  3. Specific Allegations in the Indictment:
    • The indictment included various allegations against Trump, such as using the Justice Department to investigate election fraud and pressuring the Vice President to alter the certification of election results.
    • The Court remanded the case to the District Court to determine whether these specific actions were official or unofficial, and to decide if Trump’s conduct in each instance fell within the scope of presidential immunity.
    • In other words: The Court sent the case back to a lower court to decide if Trump’s actions were part of his official duties and therefore protected by immunity. 
  4. Broader Implications:The Supreme Court’s ruling in “Trump v. United States” potentially sets several important precedents regarding presidential immunity and the separation of powers. Here are the key precedents established by this decision:
    • Absolute Immunity for Core Constitutional Powers:
      • The ruling establishes that a former President is absolutely immune from criminal prosecution for actions taken within the “conclusive and preclusive” scope of his core constitutional powers. This includes actions that fall exclusively within the President’s constitutional authority and cannot be overridden by Congress or scrutinized by the courts.
      • In other words: The decision means a former President cannot be prosecuted for actions that are a key part of their constitutional powers. 
    • Presumptive Immunity for Official Acts:
      • The Court held that a former President is entitled to at least presumptive immunity from criminal prosecution for all official acts performed within the outer perimeter of his official responsibilities. This immunity is designed to protect the President’s ability to perform his duties without undue caution or fear of future prosecution.
      • In other words: The Court decided that a former President is generally protected from prosecution for actions related to their official duties to ensure they can do their job without constant fear of legal consequences.


The Supreme Court’s decision in “Trump v. United States” establishes a framework for assessing presidential immunity in the context of criminal prosecutions. It balances the need to hold a President accountable with the necessity of protecting the Executive Branch’s independence and functionality. The case was remanded to the District Court for a detailed analysis of the specific allegations against Trump, focusing on whether his actions were within the scope of his official duties.

See the full decision below:


Quentin Anthony Anderson Delivers Powerful Remarks at Beacon Light of Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA — On Sunday, June 30, at Beacon Light of Baton Rouge’s Family & Friends Day service, congressional candidate Quentin Anthony Anderson addressed the congregation with stirring remarks that drew parallels between the Hebrew people’s journey to the Promised Land and the struggles and triumphs of Black Americans. Pastor Eric Williams and First Lady Iris Williams welcomed Anderson to the church, located at 7513 Prescott Road East.

Anderson, currently the executive chair of the Justice Alliance and founding creative director of Anderson Creative, is running for the newly drawn 6th Congressional District. His appearance at Beacon Light was not only a testament to his deep roots in the community but also a powerful reminder of the historical and spiritual foundations that guide his campaign.

A Message Rooted in Faith and History

In his address, Anderson reflected on his heritage and personal journey, connecting it to the broader story of the Black church and its pivotal role in the lives of African Americans. “The Black church is the first place where most of us were ever told that we were special,” he remarked, emphasizing the church’s role in affirming the worth and potential of its members.

Anderson’s speech was rich with personal anecdotes, including a humorous recollection of bringing his non-Black friend Andy to a spirited church service, highlighting the cultural vibrancy and unique worship practices of the Black church. He spoke of his lineage, being the son of Reverend Alexis Anderson and grandson of Reverend Martha Anne Crump, both of whom have made significant contributions to their communities.

Parallels with the Hebrew People

Drawing a powerful parallel, Anderson compared the plight of Black Americans to the journey of the Hebrew people from slavery to the Promised Land. He spoke passionately about the enduring faith of enslaved ancestors, who despite generations of bondage, held onto the belief that tomorrow would be better. “Imagine what kind of faith you have to have when Grandma was a slave, when mama was a slave, when you’re a slave and when your kid is born a slave, and yet you still have faith that tomorrow is going to be better,” he urged the congregation.

The Joshua Generation

Crescendoing into the heart of his message, Anderson identified his own generation as the “Joshua generation,” tasked with leading the community into a new era of promise and opportunity. “God had Moses lead his people to the Promised Land, but he promised that land to the Joshua generation. That generation was the generation that was meant to deliver,” Anderson declared. He positioned himself and his contemporaries as the leaders who must now step up to meet the challenges of the present.

A Call to Action

Anderson’s speech resonated deeply with the congregation as he emphasized the urgency and responsibility of the current generation to take action. “We’re not waiting for Superman,” he said. “The change that we are waiting for is us.” He invoked the legacies of historical figures like Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., Ida B. Wells, and Rosa Parks, reminding the audience that these icons were ordinary people who chose to step up in extraordinary ways.

In closing, Anderson made a heartfelt plea for support. “I’m asking for your vote, I’m asking for your support, I’m asking for your prayers,” he said, underscoring his commitment to deliver on the promise of his generation and to serve the people of Louisiana with faith and perseverance.

Anderson Statement on Congressman Garret Graves’ Decision Not to Seek Reelection

Today, we acknowledge the decision by Congressman Garret Graves not to seek reelection following the recent redistricting that has reshaped Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District. While we may not have always aligned on policy, it is important to recognize the service and commitment he has shown to his constituents over the years.

Congressman Graves’ work, particularly in the areas of transportation and infrastructure, has contributed to critical developments in Louisiana. His efforts on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will be remembered, and his absence from the next Congress will leave a notable gap in leadership and experience on the other side of the aisle that I worry will not be replaced easily.

As we move forward into this new chapter, it is crucial to continue focusing on what unites us rather than what divides us. The new district lines present a unique opportunity to bring diverse communities together and to address the needs of all Louisianians with fresh perspectives and renewed energy.

To the residents of the newly drawn 6th District – whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Democratic Socialist, Green, or Independent – I am committed to listening to your concerns, working diligently on your behalf, and ensuring that your voices are heard in Washington.

My vision for Louisiana includes prioritizing reducing crime with evidence-based solutions, promoting economic growth to end the brain drain, modernizing our infrastructure, supporting a just transition from fossil fuels, and ensuring a living wage and fair labor rights for all workers. Together, we can navigate this period of change and build a future that benefits everyone in our great state.

I am more determined than ever to bring this message to all voters across the district and to bring real change to Louisiana come November.

For Immediate Release - Anderson Graves Statement

Anderson Statement on Donald Trump Conviction

Today, we witnessed a pivotal moment in American history as former President Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts in the New York state hush money trial. This verdict reinforces the principle that no one, not even a former president, is above the law. It is a testament to the strength of our judicial system – when applied fairly & objectively – and the importance of accountability in our democracy.

As someone deeply committed to justice and integrity, I believe this ruling underscores the necessity for transparency and ethical behavior in public office. It is a reminder that the actions of our leaders must reflect the values we hold dear as a nation.

I understand that this verdict may be difficult for many to process, particularly for conservatives and Trump supporters. We must remember that our democracy is built on the principles of peaceful discourse and respect for legal outcomes. Let us uphold these principles and continue to engage in constructive dialogue about the future of our country.

Louisiana deserves public officials who uphold the highest standards of integrity. We cannot afford to elect leaders who prioritize their own interests over those of the people they serve. This verdict is a clarion call for all of us to demand better from our elected officials and to strive for a government that is truly by the people and for the people. We can’t afford to send corruptible politicians back to Washington in the age of Trump.

As a candidate for Congress, I am committed to restoring trust in our political system. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our government operates with transparency and accountability, always putting the needs of our community first.

Quentin Anthony Anderson
Candidate for Congress, Louisiana’s 6th District

For Immediate Release - Anderson Statement on Trump Conviction

Supreme Court Greenlights Louisiana’s Congressional Map with Two Majority-Black Districts

Washington, D.C.In a significant ruling on Wednesday, the Supreme Court has allowed Louisiana to proceed with a congressional map that introduces two majority-Black districts for this year’s elections. This decision comes after an emergency request by an unusual coalition of Republican state officials and civil rights groups, who argued that the recent lower court decision invalidating the map needed to be halted to prevent electoral disarray. The state had emphasized the urgency of finalizing the map to meet bureaucratic deadlines.

The high court’s conservative majority moved forward with allowing the map, while the three liberal justices, led by Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, dissented. Justice Jackson highlighted that there was still ample time to address the legal issues raised and craft a map that could serve all communities fairly without risking voter confusion.

This map has been at the center of contentious litigation, especially after last year’s Supreme Court ruling that bolstered the Voting Rights Act, leading to a redrawn map that aimed to rectify racial discrimination evident in Alabama’s congressional districts.

However, the redrawn map faced another legal challenge from a group of plaintiffs identified as “non-African American,” who argued that creating a second majority-Black district constituted racial discrimination under the 14th Amendment. A federal court agreed with this claim and struck down the map, but with the electoral process looming, the state urged the Supreme Court to intervene to avoid chaos.

Quentin Anthony Anderson, Democratic candidate in the 6th district whose campaign recently released its unfiled amicus brief that argued against any late-stage changes to the map, commented on the ruling, saying, “I am relieved that the Supreme Court has issued a stay regarding the recent 5th Circuit Court ruling on Louisiana’s congressional redistricting. This decision allows the electoral process to proceed under the map established in January, which was designed to ensure fair representation and compliance with the Voting Rights Act.”

Anderson continued, “Our campaign will continue as planned, focusing on reaching voters across the district – from Baton Rouge to Shreveport – discussing critical issues, and building a grassroots movement committed to bringing real change to Louisiana.”

As the state looks towards implementing this map, all eyes will be on how it impacts the upcoming congressional races. Our campaign is gearing up to ensure that voters are well-informed and ready to make their voices heard in an election landscape that continues to evolve.

Stay tuned to our campaign website for more updates and detailed analyses on how this affects our community and how you can get involved in safeguarding our electoral rights.