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Ending Louisiana’s “Brain Drain”

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Louisiana has one of the country’s most valuable exports and it’s pretty sad: it’s our own college-educated citizens. We have some of the best colleges in the world and every semester, we’re churning out people with the skillsets necessary to compete in the 21st century global economy and they’re finding zero opportunities in their own backyard. And it’s because we’re not prioritizing bringing the kinds of jobs to Louisiana that cater to their skillset.

Not everyone wants to or can work at a chemical plant. Not everyone wants to work at a prison. We have to diversify Louisiana’s economy so we’re an attractive place for people to start their careers and families. People want good jobs that pay well and enable them to grow, both professionally and financially. Too many of our brightest, fresh out of institutions like LSU & Southern, feel compelled to leave in search of broader opportunities and higher standards of living.

I am committed to keeping our young, educated workforce right here in Louisiana by diversifying job opportunities, ensuring competitive starting salaries, and expanding access to paid internships. I’m committed to creating an environment where staying in Louisiana is as attractive as any offer from across state lines. This isn’t just about preventing our talent from leaving; it’s about acknowledging that our graduates shouldn’t have to settle for less to stay home. By fostering job growth across emerging sectors, from technology to renewable energy, and by making Louisiana a welcoming place for all young professionals, we’re not just combating brain drain — we’re reversing it.

Louisiana needs to be a state where our youth can envision a future filled with promise and potential, right here in their own backyard.


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