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I am committed to aggressively securing federal funds and grants to drive significant infrastructure improvements across our state, focusing keenly on transforming our public transit systems from Baton Rouge to Shreveport, and everywhere in between. In particular, modern infrastructure is the backbone of a thriving economy and a fundamental aspect of improving quality of life for all Louisianans.

That means:

  • Modernizing Public Transit: My vision includes bringing Baton Rouge and Shreveport’s public transit systems into the 21st century. This means advocating for federal investments to introduce electrified buses and wifi-enabled vehicles, ensuring our public transportation is not only eco-friendly but also equipped with the technology to meet the needs of today’s commuters. Additionally, I will push for the development of rapid transit lanes and explore the feasibility of regional rail systems that could better connect our urban centers.
  • Statewide High-Speed Rail System: A key pillar of my infrastructure agenda is the creation of a statewide high-speed rail system. This ambitious project aims to connect all major Louisiana colleges with each other and with major population centers. Such connectivity will enhance educational access, reduce traffic congestion, stimulate economic development, and provide environmentally friendly travel options. Imagine every college kid being able to go home without a car. Or (parents, look away) imagine every college kid having an affordable way to get to New Orleans on the weekend.
  • Bipartisan Cooperation for Statewide Benefits: Achieving these goals requires collaboration across the aisle and partnership with local officials, regardless of party affiliation. I pledge to work closely with local and state leaders to ensure that Louisiana’s infrastructure projects are a top priority at the federal level.
  • Strategic Allocation of Resources: By strategically targeting federal funds and grants, we can ensure that these critical projects not only get off the ground but are also completed efficiently and effectively. This includes leveraging relationships in Congress to advocate for budget allocations that reflect our state’s needs and ensuring that Louisiana receives its fair share of infrastructure funding.


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