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The Electoral College

position explained

The Electoral College, as it currently operates, is a relic of a bygone era designed with mechanisms that could override the popular will. This is fundamentally at odds with our democratic principles, where every vote should carry equal weight, regardless of where it is cast.

I support substantial reforms to the Electoral College to ensure it operates more proportionally. One such reform could involve allocating electoral votes based on the percentage of votes each candidate receives within a state, rather than the winner-take-all system that currently dominates most states. This proportional approach would more accurately reflect the will of the voters in each state.

Alternatively, allocating electoral votes by Congressional district, as is done in Maine and Nebraska, could also serve to more fairly represent voters’ preferences across a state’s diverse regions. However, this method must be carefully implemented to avoid exacerbating the effects of gerrymandering.

Above all, I believe in the sanctity of the democratic process. The vote of the people is the foundational element of our democracy, and I vehemently oppose any efforts to subvert or undermine it, even in the face of volatile electoral outcomes. The goal of our electoral reforms should be to enhance democracy, not constrain it, ensuring every American feels their voice is heard and counted.

In Congress, I will advocate tirelessly for these changes, pushing forward initiatives that make our electoral system more transparent, equitable, and truly democratic.


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