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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

position explained

I steadfastly support the two-state solution as the most viable path to enduring peace between Israel and Palestine, ensuring self-determination, security, and prosperity for both peoples. I believe in the critical importance of the U.S.-Israel alliance, which is built on shared democratic values, strategic interests, and a deep historical bond.

I hold the relationship with Israel in high regard, recognizing its significance not only for regional stability but also as a testament to our commitment to supporting democratic allies. However, this special alliance must be underpinned by mutual respect and adherence to the values we jointly profess. It is essential that Israel does not leverage its close relationship with the United States to justify or excuse actions that undermine the prospects for peace or violate human rights. Such actions strain the friendship and undermine the shared principles that are the alliance’s foundation.

Human rights are an integral component of American foreign policy, guiding our interactions not just with adversaries but with allies like Israel. I expect all partners to uphold high standards of human rights, and any mistreatment of Palestinians is deeply concerning and counterproductive. While America’s support for Israel remains unwavering, it is imperative that Israel respects international norms and the rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to self-defense and sovereignty.

America must remain committed to actively facilitate a peace process that respects the dignity, security, and aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians. A sustainable, just solution requires constructive dialogue, mutual concessions, and a commitment to peace from both parties, underpinned by strong American leadership that champions the cause of peace, democracy, and human rights.


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