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Quentin Anthony Anderson’s Statement on the 5th Circuit Court Ruling

In light of the recent decision by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the creation of a second majority-Black district in Louisiana, my campaign wishes to clarify our stance and our plans moving forward. This ruling, which challenges the efforts to address historical voting disparities in our state, has injected significant uncertainty into the electoral process.

I want to assure all our supporters and the residents of the 6th District that our campaign will continue to operate under the assumption that the map contested by the federal appellate court remains the operational framework for the upcoming election. Given the timing and the complexity of the legal challenges, this is the most logical path to avoid further voter confusion in 2024.

The recent judicial rulings highlight a troubling inconsistency: a federal court has mandated the creation of a district to rectify racial disenfranchisement, yet the appellate decision now challenges this mandate on grounds of alleged racial gerrymandering. This judicial back-and-forth not only complicates the legal landscape but also threatens the integrity of our electoral process.

Moreover, the continuous uncertainty surrounding the final district map deeply concerns me, as it risks disenfranchising all voters in Louisiana, particularly in such a critical election year. The need for stability and clarity has never been more urgent.

In response to this situation, I am calling on the Supreme Court of the United States to hear this case and make a definitive ruling as swiftly as possible. It is vital to resolve these legal ambiguities to prevent any further disenfranchisement of voters and to ensure that our electoral processes remain fair and transparent.

While I firmly oppose the concept of gerrymandering, whether to correct or perpetuate disenfranchisement, I recognize that the current map passed in January, though not perfect, represented a step toward addressing the significant underrepresentation of Black Louisianans in Congress. I expect that map to be the one voters are presented with in November and I will continue to campaign accordingly.

As we navigate these turbulent waters, my campaign is more dedicated than ever to representing the interests and voices of all constituents in the 6th District. I promise to keep you informed and engaged as we await further developments and continue our journey toward a more representative Louisiana.