meet quentin

Quentin Anthony Anderson is a small business owner, an experienced advocate for social & environmental justice, and most importantly, just a regular guy who isn't bought & paid for by corporate interests.

As the Executive Chairman of The Justice Alliance, a Baton Rouge-based social justice nonprofit, and the founder & Creative Director of Anderson Creative, Quentin embodies a lifelong commitment to fostering equity and empowerment. His strategic leadership in 2015 as the Campaign Director for Voice of Youth in Chicago Education (VOYCE) led to the passage & enactment of groundbreaking school-to-prison pipeline reform legislation in Illinois. In 2018, he launched the My Louisiana Equality & Equity Summit, a statewide policy conference that convenes activists, policymakers, and community members to advance social justice.

Quentin has been an active member of his Baton Rouge community since he was in high school, whether as a participant in City @ Peace or a founding member of Baton Rouge's first youth slam poetry team to compete nationally.

A proud alumni of McKinley Senior High School in Baton Rouge, Quentin' earned his undergraduate degree at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana and he received his law degree from LSU, punctuated by a pivotal year in 2007 when he joined then-Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. This experience - starting as an unpaid intern and culminating as a field organizer in Missouri - solidified his path in political activism and community organizing.

His commitment extended into his law school years, where he taught legal studies courses at schools like Capitol High as a volunteer instructor through the Street Law program and served the unhoused community through legal aid work at the Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless in Baton Rouge.

In 2021, responding to the challenges posed by the pandemic, Quentin founded the Black Business Bureau of Baton Rouge, a platform designed to uplift Black-owned businesses. Since 2022, he has been the Communications Director for the Appleseed Network, where he oversees national messaging and strategy. His previous roles include serving as an organizer for Earthworks, where he worked alongside the RISE St. James organizers as they stood up to big oil & gas in Cancer Alley, and as Communications Director for Defending Rights & Dissent, during which he produced the critically acclaimed podcast "Still Spying," exploring the FBI's surveillance of civil rights groups. He has served as communications director for Together Louisiana and Together Baton Rouge, working on the frontlines of the fights against ITEP and the breakaway efforts of St. George.

A preacher’s kid and military brat, Quentin's formative years were shaped by a blend of disciplined values and a rich exposure to diverse cultures and ideas. His early involvement in community service, from leading youth poetry teams to organizing fundraisers for hurricane relief, showcases a consistent trajectory of leadership and dedication to the public good. Through his myriad roles—from leading policy reform initiatives to advocating for local businesses—Quentin Anderson continues to champion a vision of Louisiana that celebrates justice, inclusivity, and progressive change.