Quentin Anthony Anderson Launches Campaign For Congress

BATON ROUGE, La. – Quentin Anthony Anderson formally announced his candidacy for the United States Congress in Louisiana’s 6th District on Sunday. The announcement event, held at 5 PM at North Boulevard Town Square in downtown Baton Rouge, marked Anderson’s official entry into the congressional race ahead of the election scheduled for November 5th.

Anderson, addressing a gathered crowd of supporters and media, articulated his vision for a campaign centered around the core principles of “jobs and justice.” He emphasized his dedication to transformative leadership that prioritizes the needs and aspirations of Louisiana’s residents. “This campaign is about change. It’s about progress. It’s about getting things done,” Anderson stated, outlining his commitment to addressing the state’s pressing issues through pragmatic and forward-thinking solutions.

Reflecting on his background as a product of public schools and a staunch advocate for social justice, Anderson shared, “I’m a proud product of public schools and as a result, a steadfast believer in their continued ability to be the great economic equalizer.” His speech underscored the importance of accessible education, economic opportunity, and environmental justice in shaping a prosperous future for Louisiana.

Anderson also took the opportunity to address the state’s challenges, criticizing the status quo of political leadership and advocating for a new generation of policymakers. “Louisiana, we are better than this. We are better than crooked politicians who refuse to take accountability,” he remarked, advocating for transparency, integrity, and community-focused governance.

Highlighting his approach to public safety and crime reduction, Anderson pointed out the necessity of addressing underlying social issues, stating, “Any crime reduction strategy that doesn’t start with addressing that desperation will always fail.”

As the election approaches, Anderson’s campaign is set to focus on engaging voters across the newly redrawn 6th District, emphasizing a message of hope, resilience, and collective action. The campaign has pledged to champion policies that reflect the community’s desire for equitable growth and justice.